A Voice for the Conversation

John Wesley Reid is a well-known blogger, especially across Liberty University. Known for his opinion pieces and conversations on controversial topics, he has covered everything from abortion to politics, putting a christian perspective on otherwise very secular topics.

In the last several years, blogging has become less of a niche writing form and more of an alternative for readers to obtain news. Reid first began to blog regularly in 2014 when he moved to Lynchburg.


“My enthusiasm for blogging is two-fold: first is that I enjoy writing,” Reid said. “and second is that I believe there are conversations that need to be happening that, unfortunately, aren’t happening-or not happening properly.”

Across campus, and especially across social media Reid’s articles can be found garnering both conversation and criticism. The comment section of most of his articles often turn into argument. To Reid though, that is okay.

“Being at Liberty is beneficial because there is a huge melting pot of disciples from all over the world who come from different cultural backgrounds and political inclinations and thus have different approaches to these issues,” he said.


Reid credits the conversations around him as the start of his blog, stating his voice would be one of many in order to create a healthy dialogue. Liberty is not short of either controversy nor topic as the campus is often the subject of many controversies.

Reid considers himself a blogger that tries to combine his faith with culture, and he certainly manages to keep his blog relevant and consistent with that philosophy.

The reason his blog is well-read and well-known isn’t just because of the political correctness, or the controversy it stirs in the conversation. Reid considers his blog to serve much more than just a voice in political culture.

“Emails that credit my blog as to why someone returned to Church, decided to vote for Trump instead of not voting at all, sought help instead of suicide, those are the reasons I continue to write,” Reid said. “and those are the reasons why the negativity (which can be piercing) doesn’t deter me from writing.”


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