Jack of all Trades in Communications and Writing

Dr. Christopher Underation has worked in almost every tract in the communications field. From radio dramas, to teaching, and working as a journalist for several publications, he has skills in nearly every corner of communications.


Currently a professor at Liberty University, Dr. Underation has worked in many projects which have demanded his writing skill. Recently, he worked on a radio drama entitled “The Encounter” which is broadcast weekly on Liberty University’s radio station but that is just one of the many facets of writing he has encountered.

Writing is an important factor of young adult fiction, whether it’s writing for a paper, a radio drama, or for a company.

“The thing about writing that I like is I like the idea that I can communicate in a single way,” Underation said. “But the idea of crafting an idea and really getting the opportunity to look at it from every angle and then sending it out to the world, I’ve always loved that.”

Of Course, sometimes writing beyond the scope of fiction is actually quite necessary to expand the skill of a writer, such as Dr. Underation has done.


Beyond writing though there is the introduction to any form of writing, an idea, and the process that follows it. Every writer has a routine or a process they follow, whether they realize it or not, Dr. Underation is no exception.

“What I typically do is, I have an idea and I research it, and then let it stew for a few weeks,” he said. “Then I get up early, sit down with my computer, and I sat in the chair with my fingers on the keyboard until 6 p.m. and that got me ⅔ through the paper.”

This is just one way of writing of course, many people have routines where they write for short periods, or write in spurts of speedy writing without editing. Dr. Underation made it a point that he can’t write any other way than how he does it currently.

Dr. Underation has not currently published a book, but is such a jack of all trades in the writing industry that it is not difficult to see the impact he has and will continue to have in the future for both writing and communications.

Despite this, Dr. Underation is not an exception to editing or mistakes. He made a point about his editor looking over his work.

“I have a person who reads my stuff for sensibility, and constorefront_32481244463_otent,” he said. “She finds my comma usage egregious, and that’s always an issue.”

So writers afraid of making mistakes or breaking into the industry, should pay no mind and plow ahead.


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