The Key to writing Young Adult is understanding them

Understanding young adults and their culture is the key part of writing young adult fiction.

The Alan Review, a Virginia Tech journal, reported that Young Adult books are the key to literacy.

Students are more prone to retain and understand their current societal issues when they can incorporate what they read into their daily lives according to J. Elaine White, writer for The Alan Review.

Thus, it is no coincidence that young students who grew up reading Harry Potter, Charlie Bone, and Percy Jackson developed a creative and inspired writing or reading skill.

The review by Virginia Tech journal also goes into depth on how students who otherwise wouldn’t normally read, would be able to read young adult fiction as it deals with issues, topics, and areas that people in the age range for young adult fiction would easily associate with.

Young adult fiction is an important part of society, it is in Hollywood, it is in college, and it is in high school. The pivotal role that it plays definitely rolls into the fact that it has become such a immersive medium for not only readers, but for writers.

Writers, when deciding on what to write should consider that young adults, are voracious readers when it deals with issues they find interesting.

Thus, if an author writes a book dealing with relationship issues with a girl he’s crushing on, while also trying to save the world from an evil overlord, it certainly will coincide with topics young adults deal with and find interesting.

Writing young adult fiction is exactly like a coach teaching a younger man to skydive, the coach has been doing it for years and has experienced enough of it that he is willing to teach others his skills based on his experience flying in the air.

That’s a lot like writing young adult literature.

A young adult author, no matter the age, will write specifically for young adults because that is what he knows. He has experienced enough of life, that he is capable of inserting his life experiences into an interesting story and in the end, teaching young readers life lessons without them knowing.

That is what young adult literature is, it is life stories, shrunk and baked into a story that will be easily relatable and understandable by readers in the target demographic. They will feel, and understand the emotions the characters are going through, because they go through it every day.

So, writers when they sit down and ponder over what to write, consider life experiences not just an important part of writing for young adults, but consider it the key to opening young minds to the world of literature.


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