Join Us Under the Booklight

Susannah Martin started writing her first book when she was 15. It was very bad. The story structure was all over the place, the characters were stereotypical and preachy, and certain elements just made no sense. Like many young authors, she had no idea what she was doing. After years of improvement and learning, now she is teaming up with Colin Schwager, another young writer, to help young adult writers and readers to improve their writing and better enjoy the craft of writing.

Susannah and Colin have chosen to focus on the world of young adult fiction because they are young adults themselves, and because YA is what they love to read and write. Some of their favorite series include A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, and the Harry Potter books. The purpose of Under the Booklight will be to provide young adult readers with the information necessary to find the books that they want to read and also to help young adult authors to improve their writing and gain access to the materials needed to do so.

You are likely to find a variety of articles about the young adult book market on Under the Booklight. For instance, the authors are interested in creating articles about how Hollywood influences the YA book world. The blog will also include interviews with writers and other professionals in the YA publishing sphere about their journeys, advice, and opinions about where the genre is headed in the future. Under the Booklight will keep you updated on big events and news coming from the large publishing companies and online book providers, such as Amazon, that may affect you as a reader or writer.

The authors want to hear from their readers as well. The point of Under the Booklight is to provide information that will help young adult readers and writers. So, if there is anything you are interested in seeing the blog cover, make a comment about it under one of the posts or on the about page. Don’t be afraid to say that you disagree with something in a post. The authors are looking to continue building their own skills as well.

Susannah and Colin hope you’ll join them on this new journey, and they hope that you’ll enjoy the posts. They want Under the Booklight to be the go-to destination for young adult readers and writers. With your help and feedback this blog can become just that. Give the blog a follow if your favorite place, like Susannah and Colin’s, is under the booklight.


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